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We’re on a mission to create a culture that seamlessly integrates the needs of people AND their pups...a Pup Culture!             

Our comprehensive service encompasses Exercise, Training, and Holistic Care. We believe all of these components are necessary for the most happy, healthy, well-adjusted companion. And, our compassionate, progressive training philosophy permeates everything we do. Our training program seeks to educate people on how to apply the most advanced information from the fields of canine cognition and behavioral science in order to achieve training goals that consistently show up in the real world. By using modern science-based techniques, you create a relationship built on trust and love, enabling the most fulfilling lifelong bond with your dog that can’t be attained using traditional methods. We’re here to make the training process engaging, fun, and rewarding for you and your dog!


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City Paws has been a godsend for us and for our dog Leo. Lara is so organized, so thoughtful, and so loving of our pup. After months of trying other services, with disappointing results, we feel so lucky to have found Lara.
— Jessica Mazonson, Boulder
Lara and Derek are the best in the business. I hate leaving my dog behind when I travel but love knowing that he’s in such capable hands. Lara sends amazing photo updates and is incredibly proactive with her updates, questions, and care.
— Bryan Muir, Boulder
My dogs are always in the best hands. Lara and Derek take the most detailed notes and the best pictures! It’s really a vacation when I get to leave town.
— Jessica Ondra, Lyons
Pup Culture’s volunteer work has been vital for the care and exercise needs of our foster and rescue dogs. Lara and Derek are extremely knowledgeable, professional and passionate about their work. They help improve the lives of each and every dog they meet.
— Summit Dog Rescue, Boulder